White Jeep

So I made the foolish mistake of not writing down a number of my recent dreams so here is one that I had September 26.

I owned a brand new white Jeep, but I didn’t want it. Instead, I wanted my old hooptie mid size car. I sold the Jeep back for $23,940.

Simple right? Let’s get to the interpretation. Using Dream Bible’s interpretation, a Jeep means, “To dream of a jeep represents decision making where you are only concerned with doing things you own way. Not needing anyone else. A direction in life where you can’t be told what to do or people can’t control you. Freedom on interfering motives. Free or independent lifestyle choices.” Now onto numerology. The number 23 means a conflict or problems in a chaotic situation or with my creativity or being original. While 94 means ending stability and making things more difficult than usual.

Well damn. In short, there is not much positive about this dream. Now time to explain my life. In order to pay for college, I needed to tap into my savings, since I am a walk on. Financially, things are confusing, and I am nervous about what’s to come next.

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