The Moon Hates The Sun (a short story)

Back and forth. Back and forth. I watched the waves move at my command. Back and forth. I watch the white froth of the waters. They match my steely white dress that wishes it could flow as smoothly as the waters. Back and forth. I listen to the white noise. I listen as it numbs the madness of those wretched humans on land. I listen as it numbs my resentment towards him. Whish. Whish. Back and forth. This is my job. I reside amongst a vast empty space in the universe. I have eight or nine planets around me. And yet, this is my role.

On the other side of the waves. On the other side of the messy rock that I have taken watch over, he shines and smiles and shows off. The little humans bounce at his sight. They rise. They move. They laugh all while under his watch. They glow. They burn. They grow all while praising him. They create stories around his light. He is bright. He is good. He is the danger to us all. I know one day his anger will erupt on us all. I know one day we will all fall under his wrath. I keep him calm with the movements of my waters. What do I get in return? Nothing. I continue to move the waves. Back and forth.

I serve him. I use my gentle pull and turn this ball of life making sure all sides see his glory. What do I get for that? Nothing. I am forever present but only noticed just before these humans close their eyes. He sees their organization. He sees them at their best. I see the chaos. The good ones are the ones unconscious. The others? Well, I see what they try to hide from his greatness. And what do I get? Nothing. His company is the alert smiles and conversations spoken under his watch. My company? Millions of miniature hims burning, dying and burning again. Despite my silent company, I continue to keep the rhythm in tact. Back and forth. Back and forth. Whish. Whish. Shush humans. The fun one will appear again.

Some see me. I see my reflection in some of these humans eyes when they behold my form. Or when they behold what he allows. Sometimes he shares his light on all of my figure. Every dip and curve is showcased. Other times, when he is angry with me or bored with me, less of me is allowed to show. Sometimes I am lucky if so much of a quarter of my beauty is seen. Do I speak on it? No. I continue. Back and forth. Back and forth.

I hold it in best I can. Sometimes I daydream of ruining all that was created under his watch. If I left. If I crumbled. If I disappeared, what chaos would these waves create? For once, I want my own light. I want my own praise. Today, I will wear black. Today, I will not wait until these humans sleep to shine.

I took a deep breath.

“What are you doing?” He watched as I approached him.

I said nothing. The humans stood in bewilderment as my beauty clothed in blackness disrupted their usual vision of day. I know this moment won’t last long. I can feel his anger behind glow. Somehow the glow only enhanced my form until a red ring formed around me. This is my moment. The humans stared. We shared a bond knowing that they may never see me like this again. Hello, humans. His heated anger began to burn my back beyond tolerance. I had to move. Goodbye, humans.

Reluctantly, I found my steely white dress. It was so stiff. And so cold. I looked at his red show of an outfit. It shined and stretched in all directions. It moved so freely. The humans jumped for joy at the sight of their favorite. I returned to my place on the other side of this rock and shushed half of the world to sleep with my waves. Back and forth. Back and forth. Whish. Whish. I can hear him laugh at the excitement on his side of the rock. I hated him.

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