Pizzeria and CT Scan Dream

“The dream is the liberation of the spirit from the pressure of external nature, a detachment of the soul from the fetters of matter.”-Sigmund Freud

I am a firm believer in dream interpretation. Like Freud eloquently expresses, dreams provide opportunity for our true unconscious to come out. It is the opportunity to express our true thoughts and feelings, our deeper wishes and greatest fears. They can be simple compilations of memory with little meaning, unearthing of repressed emotions, prodromal and messages from God. Some dreams can fit in multiple categories. I am not alone in the beliefs in the power of dreams. Think back to Biblical times. Some of the greatest heroes either acted on dreams or were great interpreters of dreams. Joseph and his colorful robe and Gideon are two examples.

I know. I am neither a great war hero or ruler of Egypt. However, my dreams have important meaning in my life. They are a reflection of the emotional state and predicaments that I am in in that particular timeframe. Alright, now that I have established myself as the hippie, loose dream chick, let me explain my most recent dream. Because this is my first dream post, I chose my simpler dreams.

First dream: I go to the doctors to get a CT scan. My childhood neighbor was also in the doctor office waiting for her appointment. Before I go in for the actual MRI (I alternated which imaging I needed), My neighbor points out in my medical record that the last scan I got was in October 2012. The receptionist chimed in saying it was good I came in today because if I came later it would’ve cost more because it would’ve been out of the payment plan.

Second Dream: I am in the ocean simultaneously surfing and watching people surf. In the same beach area, I fast forward to a pizzeria. It’s not like a chain restaurant. It’s a beautiful brick walled restaurant. I am a server. It’s the first day. I am assigned a back table where the guests are sitting on the left end of the table. I asked them why are they sitting on the end but don’t remember the response. I take the order of the first person who was a Hispanic guy. He just wanted the pizza box. I took the order of this tall, dark skinned man who looks like a college basketball player. He wanted green jalapeños.

Simple enough right? The interpretation part is the pain in the ass. I typically alternate between Dreammoods, Dreambible, Dreamstop, AuntyFlo and FemaleFirst for my interpretations. As a good researcher, I look for consistency amongst the sites to validate if the interpretation is likely what it means. For example, if the meaning of cat means sex on one site but prosperity on another, I don’t take either interpretation too seriously. If both sites have the same or similar meaning for a particular symbol, then I know there is some validity to the statement. However, I have to take my own memories and experiences with a symbol into account as well. If I have a dream about a cat, but just watched the play Cats, then there is likely not much metaphorical meaning to that symbol. However, I will admit, sometimes, I am a bad researcher and stick to the interpretation that I want to hear.

Ok first dream:

Because CT scans are too specific, I searched X Rays. This is the interpretation from AuntyFlo

Thinking about my current state, I don’t have any major health concerns outside of a pain in my iliac psoas, which is a common pain for me. However, I have been thinking about serious relationships more lately. Specifically with this one guy on the track team who is such a great match for me but is often hot and cold. Reading him and his silence can be frustrating and close to impossible. Dates are difficult to interpret. I first tried to think of anything significant happened in 2012. A friend of mine transferred in the end of that year. Because there was nothing that jumped at me, I resulted to numerology which can get confusing because I have to know whether to add the numbers or divide or separate them. I went to DreamStop for this.

Okay. This is accurate. Because I’ve been thinking about relationships more lately, I’ve thought about how lonely I am. It has been awhile since I’ve been intimate with someone and I miss that. I made the mistake of texting this new crush (if you read my earlier post I named him Elijah so we’ll keep that), and, he has not responded. He does that often. When I confront him on it he nonchalantly he’ll say he just didn’t have anything to say or didn’t feel like responding. Dick move, right? My ex, I’ll talk more about him in later posts, was the same way. In fact, both men were terrible communicators and when they did speak their mind, it was insulting. Both had me in this same revolving door of confusion. Yep, I am definitely in a 2012 mindset.

Last is October. Because September is rolling by fairly quickly and I love fall, I don’t know if there’s too much importance to October. October has many meaning across the sites. Because my childhood neighbor was in the dream, I am going to choose the meaning relevant to the past. I miss older relationships that I had. I don’t know if it’s my neighbor specifically. Over the summer I got into an argument with my best friend since kindergarten and we have not spoken since. I don’t know what triggered that feeling, but that could be it. In fact, the argument indirectly involved Elijah. I wanted him to meet my friend but he ghosted on me, similar to what he did last night.

Wow. That was a lot. Now dream two.

I just used Dreammoods meaning for surfing: “To dream that you are surfing parallels the ups and downs of some emotional situation or relationship. You may feel overwhelmed. One minute you can be in control of your emotions and the next minute you are not. Alternatively, the dream means that you are going with the flow.”

I couldn’t find an interpretation for pizzeria and did not actually see pizza in my dream. Instead I looked up table. Tables represent family. I do receive a lot of help from family, financially and with advice. That could very well be an issue. The only meaning for a pizza box specifically is from FemaleFirst: “A pizza box can represent a message that is coming your way in the near future. If you are expecting news that might be why you saw the box in your dream. If you were delivering the pizza, however, you may feel the need to pass on a message to someone else or have little control over the information you convey in your waking life.”

It was hard to find an interpretation for jalapeño. I had to search hot pepper or chili on AuntyFlo and FemaleFirst. From AuntyFlo, “To cook either dark green or light green pepper indicates you need to find common ground between your feminine and masculine traits in life. You need to spice up your life and make sure that you focus on the greater good.” From FemaleFirst, “Chilies can also be symbolic of your passion or raw emotion for something or someone. It’s possible you have been exploring fantasies or desires with your lover that you might have been hiding from them. Alternatively, you could be finding a situation ‘hard to swallow’ at work or at home right now.  You might be trying to find a way to see things from a certain person’s point of view and understand the reason for their behaviour even if it seems unsavoury to you. Chilies could be a warning to you about some danger, complication or challenge you envisage in your future or a risk you haven’t given much thought to. You may need to be more cautious during the next few months in your personal or professional life.”

Hmm. I don’t want to think it’s about Elijah. Again. However, that’s what it looks like. I like Elijah, but my unconscious is definitely throwing up the red flags. I wish my dreams were more positive. However, they are what I need to see and hear.

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