Must #FavoriteAfterSexActivities Be So Impersonal

The first time I ever had sex, the guy dipped while I was asleep. I’m talking about hit and quit, kiss and diss, smash and dash, and so on. No doubt it was an asshole move; but, is it a result of universal asshole-ness or a generational issue? Am I, as a millennial, destined to endure a sex life with such an impersonal ending at a higher frequency than my parents or is this a phase? Well, I started with Twitter to get an idea because tweets are filled with uncalled for and unwanted opinions. Occasionally, like today, they focus around one subject. Today #FavoriteAfterSexActivities was the talk of the day; and, like my first time, the idea was great but the results were disappointing. Here were some of the first ones.

Sharing that bottle of water almost becomes ritualistic #FavoriteAfterSexActivities — Kevn (@KevKage) July 3, 2019

#FavoriteAfterSexActivities napping to give him enough refractory time so he will hopefully hit it again. — Kayla (@kbrackson) July 3, 2019

#FavoriteAfterSexActivities cuddling, tracing fingertips over eachothers body and going for it again — Trucker Bucky 🖕😎🖕 (@Buckertrucker) July 3, 2019

Personally, I am a cuddle person. However, it took me awhile to get to that. In fact, It took me awhile to get into sex at all. Luckily, despite being labeled as a member of a “Hookup Culture”, I am not alone. According to a 2016 study by Twenge et al., “Americans born in the 1980s and 1990s (commonly known as Millennials and iGen) were more likely to report having no sexual partners as adults compared to GenX’ers born in the 1960s and 1970s in the General Social Survey.” Furthermore, “Americans born early in the 20th century also showed elevated rates of adult sexual inactivity. The shift toward higher rates of sexual inactivity among Millennials and iGen’ers was more pronounced among women and absent among Black Americans and those with a college education. Contrary to popular media conceptions of a “hookup generation” more likely to engage in frequent casual sex, a higher percentage of Americans in recent cohorts, particularly Millennials and iGen’ers born in the 1990s, had no sexual partners after age 18.”

#FavoriteAfterSexActivities I don’t have sex but I really like gaming — Graham Miller (@GrahamMillerrr) July 3, 2019

my virgin ass sitting here scrolling through #FavoriteAfterSexActivities & Retweeting them as if i can relate — b (@BhargaviMunshi) July 3, 2019

Ok cool. We’re keeping our legs closed or opening them up later. And for those with a dangle, we’re keeping it in our pants. So what happens when we finally give the “okay let’s play”? Bustle gives us a little idea on that.

We’re loving ourselves.

Change the batteries. #FavoriteAfterSexActivities — Cassie Frass (@GhostOfCass2) July 3, 2019

Guilty to the vibrator/ two-finger game! I’m not alone either. “Americans don’t want to talk about it, 84 percent of us admit to self-pleasuring — 91 percent of men and 78 percent of women. That’s quite a gap between doing and saying.” As told by a 2019 report by Tenga, a sex toy company. According to the same study, more millennials have masturbated (88%) than both Gen X (85%) and Gen Z (70%). Could that be why we’re throwing up the deuces when we finish? To finish the job ourselves if our partners are just missing the mark? Have we expended the energy for intimacy on ourselves and left little for the person next to us?

We keep it old school.

Do you want to guess which position I lost it in? Most likely, you’re guessing one of three: missionary, doggy, cowgirl. The 2017 Skyn survey found these 3 classics to be crowd favorites. Is our position choice a cause of the common awkward “Should I call you an Uber?” Doubt it. However, these positions may be a result of the lack of intimacy. If I know that my partner isn’t staying long after, I’m not complicating things with a difficult position. In. Out. Bye.

Repenting for all the nasty but fantastic things I just did to that man #FavoriteAfterSexActivities — Latifah Jo (@lifeoflatifahjo) July 3, 2019

Unlock them… #FavoriteAfterSexActivities — Tipsywitch🧝🏻‍♀️🔮 (@Tipsywitch78) July 3, 2019

We feel like we got to be the champ.

Ah yes. Classic millennial anxiety to live up to the American dream of financial stability, house, 2 kids, and great sex. Is it that we feel like sex is a task? A point system? Something to that must have a braggable moment? Do we get our partners out ASAP if we feel like we failed them or if they failed us?

Lying to my friends about how many orgasms I gave her & how my girth split her in two#FavoriteAfterSexActivities — Justin Garcia (@Jgarcia6471) July 3, 2019

#FavoriteAfterSexActivities the judge's scoring. — lvgambler 123 v. 2.0 (@lvgeric) July 3, 2019

Hmm…simple theories from generation preferences. However, every sexscapade is different. My cuddlers out there, you are not alone; and, if you guys occasionally branch out to the “See ya later” gang, there’s nothing wrong with that. Ultimately, to avoid that awkward conversation, know how the other person is feeling before.

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