This dream is a bit long so follow along closely.

I am in a forest. Someone was wiping off my makeup and painting a black and red checkered design on my lips but they did not do a good job and it just looked like I had bloody teeth. Then, Jamie, the boy that took my virginity, appeared. He was in charge of some enemy group. I don’t know who they were, but I did not like them. Suddenly, a stampede of elephants led by Robin Williams appeared to my rescue. I jumped on one of the elephants to escape. However, once the stampede slowed down. I snuck back to the enemy camp because I felt like I was forgetting a book. The only book I had was the black book that I have in real life for my dream and memoir. I decided that book must’ve been the book I was looking for and continue with stampede away from camp.

I end up in Ms. Rose Dismuke’s house. And this old, short, black American guy friend with the gender neutral name from the college I transferred from asks to sit on the porch. We did. He said, “Remember last year when I said I wasn’t ready to date you? Well, I am now.” I was not as happy as I expected to be and did not know how to respond. That is when an old high school friend Ashley Bazemore came in graduation wear over an orange dress (similar to the dress I wore for my graduation). I was exited for her and we took pictures together.

Now onto the interpretation. This dream is more emotional and memory than prodromal. I recently finished the Netflix original series Atypical, the story of a high school senior who is on the spectrum. The final scene involved a graduation, and I wore my orange graduation dress to church the same day as the graduation episode. The old college friend has the same name as the woman I have a crush on. Ms. Rose’s son recently called me to keep me up to date with any news regarding Ms. Rose or Paterson. My friend Ashley has a big butt, which is how I felt in my orange dress. Today, I felt like Robin Williams, funny on the outside but sad on the inside. I saw Jamie at practice and felt angry towards him.

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