Girl on the Plane (a poem)

There’s this girl in the window seat

She looks like me

Small nose

Thick arched eyebrows dark that matched her dark hair

Her pale pink phone case paired well with the muted colors of her nail polish, jacket and scuffed backpack

Why was her bag scuffed?




She doesn’t really look like me

Her thick thighs squeezed into her grey sweatpants spread across the much too small airplane seats

Her dark hair shined of gel and it’s straight strands reflected the light from the much too small airplane window

She doesn’t look like me

But we look related

Like two gal pals on a spur of the moment getaway

Just our backpacks, our books and our poorly thought out plans of what’s next when the plane lands

In reality, I will be headed to a track meet and she…

I hope she enjoys wherever it is she is going

#jetblue #friendship #travel #continental #AmericanAirlines #love #delta #aroundtheworld

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