Fashion Show

I am back with another dream. Luckily, from what I remember, this one is another shorty.

I am at a fashion show. although I am supposed to be a guest, people think I am part of the show because my style is a bit avant-garde with my navy one sock and black other sock. The model in front of me wore red shorts and a white long scarf hanging from the side. For some reason, the show was held in a school auditorium.

There you go. Short and sweet as promised. However, there is some background in my real life that I’d like to give. The outfit, outside of the socks, is the exact outfit I plan to wear for an upcoming wedding. In addition, I am currently watching a Netflix original called Atypical. The most recent episode included a prom scene, which is always a fashion show for me.

Now the fun part, the interpretation. For this simple dream, I just relied on the meaning behind fashion show from Cafe Au Soul.

Don’t we all put on facades? I am in the midst of trying to understand my identity. Track and Field is not all I am yet branching out of that athlete title can be difficult. We will see where my true self lies in later posts.

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