Everything Sucks is Everything I Need

I recently finished the first season of the Netflix original series, Everything Sucks. In short, it is a 90s based teen comedy/drama about high schoolers in the city of Boring, Oregon (seriously, who names a city that?). Like other critics, I have to acknowledge the strong similarities between this show and Stranger Things, the 80s based coming of age drama. Like Stranger Things, the show stars two white and one black group of misfit boys who face the typical teen struggles of romance, bullying and parents. Like Stranger Things, a girl is randomly introduced into the show which changes the dynamic of the the bromance friendship. Like Stranger Things’ female lead, Millie Bobby Brown, Everything Sucks’ female lead, Peyton Kennedy, all but steals the show with her character’s captivating storyline. Unfortunately, there are no alien dogs eating our favorite characters (They could’ve saved Bob) or alternate universes in Everything Sucks. However, that does not prevent the show from reaching our heartstrings.

We can’t help but root for Ken Messener (played by Pat Darragh), the hopelessly romantic principal of Boring High School and Katie Messener’s (played by Peyton Kennedy) dad. Our hearts break for the complicated love story between Katie and Luke O’Neil (played by Jahi Winston). Luke and Sherry O’Neil (played by Claudine Nako) are nothing short of mother-son goals. Tyler (played by Quinn Leibling) is pretty much my adopted TV son with his naive, lovable nature. Emalie (played by Emma Sweeney) and Oliver (played by Elijah Stevenson) make the usually nerdy drama kids the coolest, sexiest badasses of the school. Finally, McQuaid’s (played by Rio Mangini) long awaited smile and laugh is infectious.

Everything Sucks is a story circulating discovering one’s happiness through relationships of all types. It deals with learning and accepting one’s sexual orientation. It deals with losing someone through abandonment, rejection and death. It deals with fighting for broken relationships. It deals with strained friendships. In short, it deals with a lot in a short first season.

The ending of the first season leaves the audience in anticipation. What will happen between Luke and his father? What will happen to Oliver? How will Katie’s relationship with her father change with their new romantic relationships. I need answers and for season 2 to come immediately. Please and Thank you Netflix.

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