This project came at the perfect time when I was talking with tech friends about wanting a project where I can combine old school themes with modern design. A common example I used was the Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy, where music hits from various time frames are seamlessly mixed into a modern story.


MY NEXT EX is a cover band based in New Jersey that performs classic 1980s music. The band needed a landing page that was professional yet showcased the fun of 1980s music. 


Landing Page• Header

• Link to Meet The Band

• Link to playlist

• Link to schedule

• Link to testimonials (Meet the band)

• Link to Contact Page

• Link to Videos (with playlist)


ADOBE Photoshop



As I mentioned throughout my portfolio, I love to tell stories. A great plot means nothing without a great character. Even throughout my formal Marketing and Communication education, I have always had a particular interest in target market and social media user analyses. When I do not have the resources or time to conduct a full research analysis like conducting a survey, I find in-depth searches on Generational trends to be incredibly helpful.


Empathy provides a snapshot into an individual’s experience. Creating a persona gives me a snapshot into a target audience. Every detail I give to my personas are deliberate. The age represents the typical age range of a generation. Locations are often chosen based on the location of the brand owner and/ or brand. Occupations indicate income and time availability to interact with the brand that I am designing the website for. What they do in their spare time indicates the persona’s visual preferences.

Below is our friend, Mia, who inspired the album style design. Because the cover band is from NJ, Mia is from NJ. As a jersey-girl myself, I know the pride NJ people have in our state. I also know the distinct difference between North Jersey and South Jersey and the highly controversial topic of the existence of Central Jersey. In my opinion, it does not exist. Younger generations (late Gen Y and early Gen Z) are typically in the forefront of trends. Luckily for me, the eighties have slowly made a comeback with bright colors, mom-jeans, and converse-like sneakers. The recent deaths of music legends, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Prince, led to a nationwide trip down memory lane that younger generations have witnessed. Mia is no different. Her music taste alone shows the ideal combination of modern and old-school.



She goes to Rutgers University as a Political Science major. She is a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles Fan. Yes, she likes the occasional Cardi B, Nick Jonas, Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift song, but she will dominate an 80s trivia night any day. While eating at the off-campus diner, she’s listening to a mix of music from old-school Mariah Carey, Madonna and Elton John. Her parents dressed her up as a Ghostbuster once at the age of 10, and she has taken it upon herself to dress up as an iconic 80s character or musician ever since. 

Below is our friend, James, who inspired the arcade style of the landing page. Because the cover band is based in NJ, James is from NJ. Brooklyn Nine Nine and Big Bang Theory are fun and relatable shows often with references of old school trends like Star Wars or old school music. High school teachers often have the opportunity to decorate their rooms as they please. This indicates that self-expression is important to James. Read below to learn more about our friend.

1823694 (1).jpg


James is a high school mathematics teacher of 17 years. He enjoys his job because he can be direct with his students. His teaching style is like his personality, information is present short, sweet and to the point. His office is decorated with pictures of old album covers and pictures of his husband and dog. His students think he is retro and in style. In reality, he has kept to the same style he used to love as a teenager.

He loves to watch comedies like Brooklyn Nine Nine, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon and Man With A Plan. He occasionally binges dramas like Ozark and Breaking Bad.


KEYWORDS: 1980s movies, 80s fonts, album, 1980s fashion, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, The Go-Go's, arcade

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The primary goal for design of the wireframe was to make sure the landing page provided the proper links for users to navigate through the page. 


This project was a great opportunity to learn more about great music hits. I had Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” replaying in my head long after I finished the project.

In addition, I had the chance to explore many of the features of Adobe XD. The piece of this project that bring me the most joy is my custom-made background that has the same paint-like strokes of an 80s album. I also am proud of my custom-designed NJ state outline.

I will say, creating a modern, 80s themed website has its challenges. The two descriptions feel like an oxymoron. While the 80s is known for its cluttered designs, modern designs have moved to a more simplistic design. For this reason, I went with the album style. Because of the limitations of technology, many 80s albums were simple. Many consisted of just the artist’s image and an interesting font. I took that concept and created the design you see here.



Seymour One size 100px


Streamster size 100px


Seymour One size 40px


Verdana size 20px


I based much of this design off of the cover band’s logo. The logo, with its sharp lines, give a bold and edgy feel. For this reason, I went with harsh lines and brighter colors. The piece that I am most proud of with this project is the use of shapes in the background. Adjusting and maneuvering them so they do not overpower the actual text was a difficult and fun challenge to overcome.




Seymour One size 100px


Rage size 100px



Seymour One size 30px


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