This project started as a request from the founder to create multiple pages where the user would need to click through multiple pages to complete the task of finding the right resource to connect with in order to get help. After speaking with the founder, I realized the Life Target website was one that would likely be used in urgent settings where information needed to be found quickly. This project later turned into a UX/ UI design project to design and build both a mobile and desktop website.

Original user flow designed by Life Target founder


LIFE TARGET was founded to create a safe space where those suffering from Harm OCD can find "proxies" which are resources for harm prevention. The founder wanted a website that was warm, friendly, and professional. She wanted a platform where a database for resources can easily be accessed and filtered based on location and type of contact (email, text, in person).


  • Landing Page

  • Resource Page

  • Contact Page

  • Shop Page

  • Resource Database



Adobe Xd



Urgency was the key factor throughout the project. Therefore, I focused more on the persona’s situation rather than the persona’s characteristics. Here, I emphasized emotions.


  • Age 32

  • Lives in metropolitan area

  • Has past trauma that leads to anger outbursts

  • Has never received professional help for outburst

  • Feels she is at a breaking point and wants to take her anger out on her girlfriend through physical violence

  • Needs an immediate resource to connect with to stop her from doing something she will regret

Feels: alone, angry, anxious, scared, that she’s the only person who wants to hurt others, guilty, ashamed


KEYWORDS: Mental Health Awareness, green color palette, warm and friendly colors, inspiration, Harm OCD, domestic violence


The first priority of the wireframe was to create filter search box. Although the final filter search box was a result of numerous iterations based on requests from the founder, the primary search and filter options remained consistent. The wireframe goals as users navigated through the site were as followed. First, the header needed to introduce the organization and give a concise explanation of the purpose of the website. Second, the filter search box needed to be readily available. The initial design provided by the founder placed the filter search box on a separate page. However, the presumed user would need information quickly available during intensely emotional contexts. Therefore it was imperative that accessing the filter search box involved as little cognitive load as possible. For less time-sensitive contexts, users should be able to scan and understand information in plain language. For this reason, content was edited to shorter sentences and displayed beside images.


The most difficult piece for this project was the development of the search box. The search box needed to have to search components, a filter for states and a filter for type of contact with a resource. In addition, the founder requested a site that was “warm and friendly and motivating”. However, the brand colors of black, bright green and gray are not typically associated warm and friendly. For this reason, I took more of the inspirational approach. Inspired by the mountain picture used on the original site, I decided to brighten the page with a brighter mountain image.

In addition, another challenge was the content editing of the website. I recognize that information needs to be scannable, especially if a platform is being used in an urgent situation. Therefore, much of the original text was edited by me for a better reading experience.

Desktop Prototype by Faith Dismuke








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