Growlory was created by a former track and field teammate. As a former athlete, I enjoy learning the different ways other athletes incorporate their skills and knowledges in projects and career outside of their sport. Because the brand was originally marketed primarily for men, I took interest in the opportunity to create a male persona.


GROWLORY is a new supplement and coaching site created by a former track and field athlete to build lean muscle.

Growlory Mobile Prototype by Faith Dismuke


Build a mobile and desktop e-commerce site for supplements, coaching testimonials, more details about the coaching





As I mentioned throughout my portfolio, I love to tell stories. A great plot means nothing without a great character. Even throughout my formal Marketing and Communication education, I have always had a particular interest in target market and social media user analyses. When I do not have the resources or time to conduct a full research analysis like conducting a survey, I find in-depth searches on Generational trends to be incredibly helpful.


Empathy provides a snapshot into an individual’s experience. Creating a persona gives me a snapshot into a target audience. Every detail I give to my personas are deliberate. The age represents the typical age range of a generation. Locations are often chosen based on the location of the brand owner and/ or brand. Occupations indicate income and time availability to interact with the brand that I am designing the website for. What they do in their spare time indicates the persona’s visual preferences.


Our friend Wayne was inspired by conversations that I often have with gym members and male peers. He was also inspired by my Gillette research project that I created during my graduate studies in the University of Connecticut. My Gillette project focused around beauty trends for male consumers. Over years, there has been an increase in sales in male grooming products that correlate with the increase interest in physical appearance and style. Health and fitness has become more than a functional benefit. It has become a means to achieve a physical look. Wayne’s interest in his appearance reflects that. 






  • Former high school All-star athlete who trains to get big but can slowly feel his muscles softening

  • His diet is okay but is concerned with health and does not like the mysterious ingredients in protein powders and shakes

  • He likes to work out on his own but likes having someone he can rely on for questions


KEYWORDS: men's fitness, men in suits, blue color palette 


The navigation was the first priority in the design of the wireframe. Information should be grouped together logically. Therefore, supplement information was included in the supplements page, coaching information was included in the coaching page and contact information was included in the contact page. In addition, tasks were clear and highlighted via blue text in order to differentiate from the rest of the text. This design was more product-oriented than task-oriented, which is evident in the emphasis of images associated with products and services of Growlory. The reason for this choice of design is to emphasize experience and brand culture.


With an understanding of the fitness and health community, I recognized the importance of having a face to a name when it comes to health and fitness brands. Individuals looking for personal coaching services and health and fitness products are often active in the health fitness community via gym, workout groups, and social media. For Growlory to connect with users, the interface must have an atmosphere reflective of health and fitness communities. 


The final design emphasized micro-interactions in order to guide the user to certain tasks. Action buttons and links included hover effects to let users know that they can interact with a particular element. Because the light blue accent color did not contrast as much with the rest of the color palette, I changed the design of the button to include wings. This unique design allows for the the button to stand out more to users, and the button design was consistent with the logo.  

This was a difficult design for a number of reasons. Most of them involved the limitations of Figma. Figma’s slow loading in preview mode was a frustration. In addition, there were some limitations in micro-interactions that I did not like. However, I am most proud of the unique buttons for the site. Creating the buttons, using primarily Canva and Adobe XD, involved great attention to detail and a lot of zooming in. However, I like that the end result matches the logo well.

Problems with the original website (as of July 22, 2020)

  • Poor User Experience

    • The user flow was confusing as one of the pages did not have a top navigation.​

  • Hidden supplement information

  • Lack of brand consistency

    • The blue color choices were inconsistent​.

Solutions shown in the prototype

  • Incorporated micro-interations with buttons, product and coaching information, and header

  • Eliminated "About" page and moved information to "Supplements" Page and "Coaching" Page

  • Added more images to guide users to tasks

  • Used a bolder typeface to emphasize products and services

  • Used a more consistent color palette

Redesigned Website Prototype by Faith Dismuke


Noto Sans KR




Noto Sans KR


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If you are interested in working with me on a design project, want to learn more about my novel, SPRINT DREAMS, or just want to learn more about my story, feel free to check out my resumé or email me.

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